The Company

The MNS company experienced a strong and rapid development in 3 phases:

  1. Purchase of FRAYSSE business in April 2007 (concession ATLAS COPCO)
  2. Creation of the MNS company in trading TP
  3. Make over of the offices and setting up of the workshop, creating storage areas (2007)
  4. Demolition of the old office in 2014 with creation of a building (workshop and offices)


DCF 1.0         2014-08-04-11-39-49

DCF 1.0         SONY DSC



Since April 2007, MNS develops innovative solutions completely dedicated to the purchase of vehicles and equipment for the construction industry worldwide.


Our will:

  • To provide a range of services tailored to each area of activity (transport, logistics, construction, agriculture)
  • To enable our customers to do their work more efficiently with high quality machines.
  • To offer a good after-sales service